STIS 2012

3. Março: Literacy and multimodality

STIS - Seminários Teóricos Interdisciplinares do SEMIOTEC

Março de 2012:  Literacy and multimodality

conferencista: Brian Street/King's College

moderador: Vera Menezes/UFMG

dia 09/03 às 14h

Para assistir, entre na Sala de Conferências com um nickname de sua escolha (sugerimos NomeSobrenome, sem espaços, acentos ou cedilha). A senha não é necessária. Assim que entrar, clique na aba #evidosol-1 para assistir à conferência.


I will provide an account of the epistemological framings of both multimodality and the New Literacy Studies, and outline the histories of each theoretical framework thus enabling each to be situated within their respective intellectual traditions. I firstly describe the tradition of the New Literacy Studies, and its connection with ethnography and then consider how literacy practices can be understood as being situated within wider domains of practice and links made with multi modality. I address the different epistemological framings of New Literacy Studies and the multimodal tradition; one rooted in an ethnographic perspective and the other more focused on systemic function linguistics, to ask what the New Literacy Studies can do to inform research premised on a multimodal perspective. By drawing on specific instances of practice and describing a number of research projects that brought an ethnographic understanding of events and practices to not only literacy events and practices, but also multimodal events and practices (Lancaster 2003; Street 2008) a wider application of the theoretical tradition of the New Literacy Studies can be achieved. Multimodality and New Literacy Studies, brought together, fills out a larger more nuanced picture of social positionings and communication by building an equal recognition of practices, texts, contexts, space, and time. Recent studies that straddle both traditions (E.g. Leung and Sgtreet, 2011) are presented along side some  considerations for future research.

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